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Plum Brandy

Plum brandy obtained by double distillation method of carefully selected autochthonous plum varieties, characteristic to the climate of Western Serbia. Prepared according to a family recipe while using modern technology in the production process.  After production, the brandy is carefully stored in oak barrels for up to three years.


Alc. 42%

0.5 L

Plum Brandy with Fresh Raspberries

Plum brandy, enriched with the addition of the highest quality fresh raspberries in a special technological process. It is produced according to an old family recipe, while incorporating modern standards in the production of fruit brandy.


The wonderfully fruity notes will transport you to the raspberry fields of Užice.

As a drink, cocktail or dessert topping, the only limitation with this brandy is your imagination !!!


Serve well chilled.

Note:  possible traces of raspberry powder and seeds in the bottle 


Alc. 37%
0.5 L

Plum Brandy with Honey and Mint

A natural alcoholic beverage with a characteristic sweet taste and recognizable colour. Enriched with the highest quality mountain honey and wild mint from the untouched regions of Western Serbia.

An extremely refreshing brandy that will awaken your senses, get ready for a new type of mojito !!!


Serve chilled.

Note: possible traces of mint and propolis in the bottle 


Alc. 37%
0.5 L

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